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Getting your supply connected
When accepting a connection from the DNO, you or your supplier are obliged to enter into a connection agreement. A ‘connection agreement’ outlines the rights and obligations associated with the connection.
On connection, the DNO is obliged to maintain the connection for as long as required and to repair or replace any electrical lines or plants when necessary (except when you may be responsible for any damage to the equipment).
If you are dissatisfied with any aspects of connection, complain in the first instance to the company concerned (see Chapter 14).
Independent electrical engineers may be employed for certain electrical connection work. A list of independent electrical engineering companies can be obtained from a local DNO. The National Electricity Registration Scheme lists companies registered as competent for electrical connection work at
Cables and wires running between your meter to your electrical appliances are not covered by any connection agreement with the DNO and the electricity supplier – a qualified electrician would have to install them for you. Customer protection equipment such as fuse boxes and switches are also not covered by the connection agreement.