About us

CPAG Welfare Rights is our online information and solutions platform, designed to help advisers navigate the complexities of the social security system.
Building on decades of experience supporting organisations and individuals across the UK, CPAG Welfare Rights supplements the expertise advisers have come to trust and rely on from our rights handbooks and training, with up-to-date information, insights, decision-making tools and appeal letter generators.
Our curated content has up-to-the minute insights on social security developments and topics of concern.
CPAG Welfare Rights saves you time: Providing fast, easy access to accurate information, with solutions to work out benefit entitlement and challenge unfavourable decisions.

How will CPAG Welfare Rights help you to do your job?
Online books and publications
By providing access to the digital version of our flagship Welfare Benefits and Tax Credit Handbook. Fully searchable and updated throughout the year, the handbook is an essential resource for all professional advisers serious about giving the best and most accurate advice to their clients.
Other publications, such as our other Handbooks, Poverty journal and the Welfare Rights Bulletin are also available on AskCPAG.
    Use the Highlights and Notes feature within the online publication reader to save annotations or notes to your books.
    Cite chapters and text within the online reader in Chicago or MLA formats.
    Save chapters and books to a personal Bookshelf for future reference.
    Print chapters or save them as PDFs for offline use.

Helpful tools
Our decision-making tools are designed to
    help you identify the correct position for your client in complicated areas of welfare rights entitlement; and
    produce letters tailored to your client's circumstances to challenge unfavourable decisions.
More handbooks, topics and letter generators will be added throughout the year.

How does it work?
The online services are accessed through your web browser. Once you've purchased a subscription at cpag.org.uk, you'll be automatically redirected to CPAG Welfare Rights where you can access the content. Subscriptions are valid for one year from the date of purchase, and we'll be in touch 30 days prior to your expiry date with instructions on how to renew for a further year.

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