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Charges for connecting a supply
Connecting an electricity supply is carried out by a distribution network operator (DNO), which is licensed to distribute electricity through cables and provide connections to premises. Distributors are not responsible for meter reading or billing – your energy supplier does this.
You may be charged for the connection of a supply. Details of connection charges are available from the DNO’s website.
To obtain a connection, you need to notify the DNO, within a reasonable time, of the details of the premises to be connected, the time the connection is required and (to the best of your knowledge) the maximum power to be supplied.
A DNO should provide you with a quotation for connection to its distribution system, but does not normally fit a meter until instructed to do so by your chosen electricity supplier. When providing a quotation, the DNO normally specifies that you need to nominate a supplier before connection takes place, and preferably before accepting the quotation. It is advisable to appoint and sign a contract with an electricity supplier at least 28 days before the date you want the electricity to flow.