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Errors in assigning bills
In some instances – eg, where there are properties in multiple occupation or blocks of flats where meters are often grouped together – readings can sometimes be attributed to the wrong meter. Every gas and electricity meter has a unique reference number that effectively links the meter to a specific address. Meter ID numbers identify your supply point (meter) so your supplier can charge you correctly for your energy use. For electricity meters, this is known as the meter point administration number (MPAN). The format of MPAN is standard and consists of 21 digits. For gas, it is known as the meter point reference number (MPRN). The format of MPRN is also fairly standard and consists of between six and 10 digits. Occasionally, these are also referred to simply as ‘meter ID numbers’ or as ‘M’ or ‘S’ (supply) numbers. The reference number(s) must be shown on your fuel bill(s) and your annual statement. Your MPAN and MPRN are unique to your property and do not change. Do not confuse your MPRN/MPAN number with your supplier account number or the meter serial number printed on your meter. It may be worthwhile checking with your supplier that the MPAN/MPRN number on your fuel bill ‘belongs’ to your address. In the event that the meter ID number does not match the number as recorded on your bill, you may be billed for the incorrect address.
If you cannot locate your MPAN number, contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). For a full list of DNOs, see If you cannot locate your MPRN, call the Meter Point Reference Helpline on 0870 608 1524 or visit