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3. Accuracy of the meter
Even if the details on the bill appear to be correct, the meter itself may be faulty. Meters must be approved and certified by meter examiners.1Sch 7 EA 1989; s17 GA 1986 If, as is the normal situation, the meter belongs to the supplier (or gas transporter), it is responsible for keeping it in proper working order.2Sch 7 para 10(2) EA 1989; Sch 2B para 3(3) GA 1986 An electricity meter is deemed to be accurate if it does not vary more than +2.5 per cent to -3.5 per cent from the correct reading. For gas meters the limits are +2 to -2 per cent.
Note also that if gas or electricity appliances are old and/or have not been serviced recently, they may no longer perform in accordance with their rating.
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