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Prepayment meters
It is important when moving into a new property with a prepayment meter that you ensure the supply is in your name from the date that you started living at the property. Otherwise, you may find that what you pay for fuel is not credited to your account or that you are inadvertently paying for a fuel debt accrued by the last occupant, should it be calibrated to collect an outstanding fuel debt.
Contact the fuel supplier at your new property as soon as you move in. Do not use the previous occupants’ payment card/key as you may inadvertently make payments to their account. You may also enter into a deemed contract for supply.
Ask your supplier to provide you with a new card or key in your name. Some suppliers can reset a key or card remotely but will still require you to provide them with a meter reading from the date that you moved in. In other cases, your supplier may need to visit your property to reset the meter, depending on the age and type of device you have. Contact your supplier to establish the procedure for your meter. You should also be able to request a credit meter facility be provided to you, rather than a prepayment meter. You can also request that the meter is changed to a smart meter, although the supplier is not obligated to provide it upon request.