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Check consumption
If a bill seems to be too high, first check whether your consumption has actually increased. You can do this by comparing the units consumed with those used during the same period in previous years, by looking at bills for previous years. SLC 31H makes this process relatively straightforward as it requires that your bill should include a comparison of your fuel consumption for the period covered by the bill with your consumption for the same period in the previous year where that is known. It should also include, among other requirements:
    the exact tariff name;
    your annual consumption details;
    your estimated annual costs;
    the relevant and alternative cheapest tariff available to you;
    your chosen payment method.
If you do not receive regular bills (eg, because you have a prepayment meter), your supplier must send you an annual statement which contains the same information.
If you have not kept previous bills, ask the supplier for copies. Some suppliers may charge for these.1Condition 21B.8 SLC If the charge seems unreasonably high, contact Citizens Advice consumer service for guidance.
Bear in mind that consumption will fluctuate seasonally, so you are likely to consume more fuel in cold winter months than you are in the summer.
1     Condition 21B.8 SLC »