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Moving out: ending liability for the supply
If you are an occupier and you give a supplier proper notice that you are leaving, you should not be held liable for the fuel used after you have left.
You remain liable for six years after the date on which a bill for gas or electricity fell due in England and Wales; five years in Scotland. Thus, if you change supplier but have an outstanding debt to a previous supplier, the previous supplier has a right to bring legal action against you for up to six years. Thereafter, the debt becomes irrecoverable under the Limitation Act 1980.1Limitation Act 1980 In Scotland, the limitation period is five years.2Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973
1     Limitation Act 1980 »
2     Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973 »
In the absence of notice, ending liability depends on the terms of your contract with the supplier.
There are provisions in both the Gas Act 1986, as amended by the Gas Act 1995, and in suppliers’ licence conditions that set out when your liability for gas ends under supply contracts (see here) and deemed contracts (see here).