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Emergency legal representation
Assuming a legal aid provider can be found, it may be necessary to apply for emergency legal representation in many cases involving energy problems. An emergency certificate will only be granted if:
    there is a risk to your physical safety or that of any family member or your home;
    there is a significant risk of a miscarriage of justice, unreasonable hardship or irretrievable problems in handling the case;
    there are no other appropriate options available to deal with the risk.
An emergency legal aid certificate lasts for four weeks, but it may be difficult to find a legal aid practice that will undertake such a case.
As an alternative, it may be simpler, and more appropriate, for you to begin a claim in the county court using the arbitration or small claims process. Most civil claims are unlikely to qualify for legal assistance if the amount claimed falls below £10,000. This means that you may have to act for yourself.