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Universal credit housing costs element and fuel costs
Universal credit (UC) can include a housing costs element. This generally means help with rent, but it can also cover certain service charges.1Reg 25(2)(c) and Sch 1 para 7(1), (2) and (4) UC Regs
If you live in the social-rented sector (eg, local authority or housing association) or you are an owner-occupier, service charges can be included provided that payment of the charge is a condition of your right to occupy your home, and the charge is for certain types of specified service. This includes fuel costs for communal areas, but not fuel costs relating to your own home.2Sch 1 para 8 UC Regs
If you live in the private-rented sector, service charges for fuel costs can be included in your housing costs element. However, the total help you can get towards your rent and service charges is restricted by the local housing allowance, based on the market rents in your area.3Sch 4 para 3(3) UC Regs
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