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Disconnection for assigned arrears
If you have switched supplier and you owe money to your previous supplier, the previous supplier can assign some of its debt to your new supplier in certain circumstances (see here). The new supplier may cut off your supply as though it were the previous supplier if you fail to pay. You are entitled to a minimum of seven days’ notice of the new supplier’s intention to disconnect.1Sch 2B para 7(4) GA 1986 There is no right to disconnect when the entire bill is genuinely in dispute.2Sch 2B para 7(3) GA 1986 When there is a genuine dispute about the sum due and a real risk of disconnection, you should immediately formally register your dispute with the supplier in writing and request that it ceases disconnection action. You may also be protected from disconnection by conditions contained in your supplier’s licence if you fall into one of the protected categories – ie, vulnerable persons or circumstances (see here).
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