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When the supplier can disconnect – gas
Gas suppliers supplying under the terms of contracts and deemed contracts may disconnect your supply if you have not paid any charges due for gas within the 28 days following the date of the bill.1Sch 2B para 7(1)(b) and (3) GA 1986‘Charges due’ are any charges in respect of the supply of gas.2Sch 2B para 7(1) and (3) GA 1986 You are entitled to seven days’ notice in writing of the intention to disconnect.3Sch 2B para 7(1) and (3)(b) GA 1986 This is usually given in the final demand, which may arrive earlier than the 28 days above. A gas supplier is not entitled to disconnect your supply for any amount which is ‘genuinely in dispute’.4Sch 2B para 7(5) GA 1986
It is important to pay any undisputed part of the bill, as well as to maintain or establish a payment arrangement for ongoing fuel costs while reaching a resolution of the dispute.
Note that public gas transporters may also disconnect your supply in certain circumstances (see here).
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