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The Gas Act 1995, as amended by the Utilities Act 2000, allows gas to be supplied by gas suppliers under the terms of contracts and ‘deemed contracts’1s8(1) GA 1995 – instances where gas is supplied without any formal express contract being agreed (by either the supplier or the customer). In these circumstances, the supplier is deemed as having contracted with the occupier from the date that the supply began to be made. If the details of contracts are clearly confirmed in writing, disputes about liability are less likely to occur. However, the provision for deemed contracts (see here) in many situations enables gas suppliers to hold owners or occupiers liable to pay a gas bill where they are the ‘person supplied with gas’ and in the absence of an express contract. If you are in this situation, consult Citizens Advice consumer service. Suppliers may be prepared to reach an agreement and settle an argument over liability by the part-payment of a bill in return for a new, signed or expressed contract being established. Ultimately, the existence of a contract is open to interpretation by the courts and will depend on each individual case.
1     s8(1) GA 1995 »