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How to arrange Fuel Direct
Contact the DWP and your supplier if you want to pay by Fuel Direct. The decision to include you in the Fuel Direct scheme is made by the DWP. The DWP then contacts your supplier to check that it agrees to your paying in this way and gets the figure to pay for your current consumption.
Before agreeing to deductions, check that you are the person liable for the bill (see Chapter 5).
If disconnection is being threatened, let your supplier know that you want to arrange or are arranging Fuel Direct. Suppliers normally delay disconnection for a limited period if they know you are trying to do this.1See supplier’s code of practice for customers who need help with paying their bills Continue to stay in regular contact with your supplier, informing it about the progress of your application. Take the name and extension number of the person arranging Fuel Direct for you and always keep a note of when you called. It helps if you keep copies of letters/forms in the event of difficulties. If there are any delays, the supplier can be asked to delay disconnection for a longer period. Check with the DWP that your application has been received and is being dealt with. If disconnection is imminent, ask the DWP to phone the supplier to confirm that Fuel Direct is being arranged and that written confirmation will follow.
Deductions are made at the DWP office before you receive your benefit. If you disagree with any decision about deductions, you can appeal.
1     See supplier’s code of practice for customers who need help with paying their bills »