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Disconnecting smart meters
Smart meter technology means that suppliers can disconnect your supply remotely without visiting your home. Ofgem has sought to address this development by modifying and strengthening the existing protection contained in SLC 27 for all vulnerable customers.1Condition 27 SLC Suppliers must be able to show that they have:
    taken proactive steps and a risk assessment to establish whether anyone in the household is vulnerable and has additional needs;
    made sure that written contact with you is in plain English and that it includes details of sources of help, such as Citizens Advice consumer service;
    made a number of attempts to contact you using different methods such as telephone and email and at different times of the day;
    visited the property and looked for any visual signs indicating vulnerability;
    checked whether the property is unoccupied, either on a temporary or permanent basis;
    considered whether the occupancy of the property has changed.
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