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Standard credit meter
Most customers have credit meters, with fuel supplied in advance of payment. Credit meters record consumption and your supplier contacts you to ask you to provide a meter reading at least once a year.1Condition 21B.4 SLC Estimated bills are sent for the rest of the year, with a customer reading correction facility available by phone or online.
Estimated bills are a frequent source of complaint. A succession of estimates can result in inaccurate billing, with you paying too much or not enough. If you have problems with arrears as the result of a succession of estimated bills, see here.
A bill is sent at the end of each billing period, after the meter has either been read, or was due to be read, or estimated. The price per unit of fuel does not vary according to the time of day or night the fuel is used when you use a standard credit meter. Appendix 2 describes how to read your own credit meter.
If you are of pensionable age or disabled, you could use the special meter reading facility under the Priority Services Register (see here).
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