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Mobile home and caravan sites
Sites for mobile homes are licensed by local councils under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. Model standards for the provision of electricity and water are issued to local councils. Local authorities can decide what conditions, if any, to attach to caravan site licences. Guidance to local councils is in very broad terms and suggests that sites should be provided with an electricity supply sufficient to meet all reasonable demands of the caravans situated on them. There is no guidance for the supply of gas.
Always look at the provisions in the caravan site licence to determine if your site owner is obliged to provide a supply of electricity to your site. Site owners may resell electricity to you, but cannot charge more than the maximum resale price (see here).
If there is no provision for electricity on your site, there is nothing to stop you from applying for a supply to be connected if you are the owner or occupier of a mobile home or caravan. However, note the possibility of significant connection charges.
Contact the National Association of Caravan Owners ( for further advice.