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Obtaining a meter directly from a supplier
If you encounter continual problems with your landlord’s approach to reselling fuel, you could get your own supply directly from a supplier. Both gas and electricity suppliers are under an obligation to provide a supply, with your own meter, if requested to do so, although you may have to pay connection charges. If you are doing this because of persistent breaches of the tenancy agreement by your landlord, you may be able to recover the charges from the landlord as compensation for the breaches.
If you have a meter installed, this would be a tenant’s ‘improvement’ – ie, an ‘alteration connected with the provision of services to a dwelling house’. A tenant of a secure or regulated tenancy is not allowed to make any improvement without the consent of the landlord.1s97 HA 1985; s57 H(S)A 1987; s81 HA 1980; s101 R(S)A 1984 Landlords cannot withhold their consent unreasonably. If it is unreasonably withheld, it is treated as given. If suppliers are reluctant to co-operate with you, remind them that you have these rights.
1     s97 HA 1985; s57 H(S)A 1987; s81 HA 1980; s101 R(S)A 1984 »