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Home improvement assistance
Local authorities have discretionary powers to improve living conditions in their areas. You may be able to get a grant or discount to help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Home’ means a property, part of a property, boat or caravan that you live in. Your eligibility depends on what is available from your local authority, and in many areas you must be receiving a means-tested benefit. The local authority must publish details of what is available, who is eligible, how to apply and how to complain.
The Welsh government’s ‘Houses into Homes’ scheme can provide an interest free loan to enable an empty property to be made fit to sell or to let. Individuals, charities, companies and businesses can apply. Ask your local authority for its information pack.
Local authorities in Scotland have similar discretionary powers, under the Scheme of Assistance. The scheme also aims to encourage homeowners to take more responsibility for the condition of their homes, to ensure that private housing in Scotland is kept in a decent state of Contact your local authority to apply for the scheme.
See also here on local councils’ powers in England and Wales to protect occupiers and tenants when an owner or landlord fails to pay fuel or water bills.
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