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Minimum standards of performance
Minimum standards of performance for energy suppliers and distributors are set out in regulations. The Electricity (Standards of Performance) Regulations 2015, the Gas (Standards of Performance) Regulations 2005 and the Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) (Suppliers) Regulations 2015 set out minimum standards of service for consumers.1 E(SP) Regs; G(SP) Regs; EG(SP)S Regs If a supplier or distributor fails to meet these standards, compensation is payable to the consumer as set down in the regulations. Section 13 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, as amended by the Consumer Rights Act 2015,2 s60 and Sch 1 paras 37 and 38 (c) CRA 2015 provides that a term requiring that a service to a consumer is undertaken with reasonable competence and skill must be included in every consumer contract.
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