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Appendix 1: Information and advice
The following books are available from CPAG, 30 Micawber Street, London N1 7TB, Tel: 020 7837 7979. You can also order online, and find details of CPAG’s other handbooks and online subscription services, and details of the prices for members and Citizens Advice at
Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2021/22 (April 2021): £69 (£58.65 members)
Benefit and Tax Credit Rates Poster 2021/22: £8
Universal Credit: what you need to know, 6th edition (autumn 2020): £15 (£12.75 members)
Council Tax Handbook, 13th edition (October 2020): £31 (£26.35 members)
Fuel Rights Handbook, 20th edition (December 2021): £35 (£29.75 members)
Children’s Handbook Scotland, 14th edition (autumn 2021): £35 (£29.75 members)
Disability Rights Handbook 2021/22 (April 2021): £37 (published by Disability Rights UK)
Student Support and Benefits Handbook: England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2021/22 (autumn / winter 2021): £35 (£29.75 members)
Official guidance
The following guidance, used by decision makers in the Department for Work and Pensions and local authorities, is available at It has no legal standing, so you cannot quote it in an appeal, but it can be useful to refer decision makers to it if you want a decision overturned by an internal revision or supersession.
Advice for Decision Making (for universal credit and other benefits introduced from April 2013)
Decision Makers’ Guide
Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Guidance Manual
UK legislation
All the legislation listed in Appendix 3 can be found at Most is updated.
Social Security Legislation, Volumes 1 to 5
Published by Sweet and Maxwell, these volumes contain updated Acts and regulations covering social security and tax credits with explanatory commentary. They are available from CPAG.
CPAG’s Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Legislation
Published by CPAG, this contains updated Acts and regulations and a detailed commentary.
Decisions of the Upper Tribunal
Reported and unreported decisions are available from
Contact your student services department, student association, bursaries office or the National Association of Student Money Advisers ( for advice on studying and claiming benefits.

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