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First and foremost, many thanks to Judith Paterson, Head of Advice and Rights at CPAG in Scotland, who wrote the first few editions of this Handbook and continues to provide invaluable checking and advice. Many thanks also to Frances Ryan at CPAG in Scotland for checking this edition.
Grateful thanks are due to staff at the Student Awards Agency Scotland and the Scottish Funding Council for their time and expertise in checking and advising on this Handbook. Thanks too to all of those on the project advisory group for their support and encouragement throughout the year.
Many thanks go to John Dickie and everyone else at CPAG in Scotland for their invaluable support and practical help.
Thanks to Bridget Giles at CPAG for editing this edition, Anne Ketley for compiling the index and Kathleen Armstrong for proofreading the text. Alison Key, who edited this handbook for many years, is also gratefully acknowledged.
CPAG is grateful for the Scottish government’s financial support towards this Handbook.

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