Welfare Rights Bulletin
Description: Managing with migration to UC?
Mark Willis examines official research and analysis on managed migration to universal credit (UC).
Welfare Rights Bulletin, Issue 296 (October 2023)
Description: Right word, right place: a welfare rights tool
Owen Stevens sets out the importance of the language welfare rights advisers use to describe our clients’ legal problems. The article describes some commonly misused language where greater accuracy would be helpful.
Welfare Rights Bulletin, Issue 296 (October 2023)
Description: Tales from the food bank
As the Food Bank Income Maximisation project’s first anniversary approaches, Harriet Chaplin looks at some cases brought to our attention, highlighting common mistakes with the DWP’s decision-making and practice.
Welfare Rights Bulletin, Issue 296 (October 2023)
Description: Things change: ‘closed-period’ supersessions
A recent decision from the Upper Tribunal highlights (and further clarifies) when a ‘closed-period’ supersession should apply. Martin Williams takes a look.
Welfare Rights Bulletin, Issue 296 (October 2023)
Poverty Journal
Description: Involving people with lived experiences: the Changing Realities toolkit
When it comes to campaigning, academia, the media and government, whose voices count? Whose expertise do we engage with and listen to in policymaking debates and processes? And what responsibility do charities, think tanks and academics have to make sure that the voices of those they are campaigning for and/or researching are part of the broader conversation for change?
Poverty Journal, Issue 176 (October 2023)
Description: Maximising the impact of local responses to poverty
Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) has been supporting local authorities in Greater Manchester and across the country to introduce anti-poverty strategies. What role do local anti-poverty strategies play in helping individuals and communities? What can be learned from work that is currently being done? And what makes a good strategy?

By Graham Whitham and Penny Rimmer
Poverty Journal, Issue 176 (October 2023)
Description: Poverty in the UK and other countries
Why is the UK’s initial child poverty rate before cash transfers in benefits and tax credits among the very highest in Europe? What role are these transfers playing to reduce child poverty? And what can we learn from other countries about reducing child poverty?
By Jonathan Bradshaw
Poverty Journal, Issue 176 (October 2023)
Description: Reforming childcare: a missed opportunity to tackle poverty
In the spring Budget, there was an unexpected £4 billion investment in early years childcare, meaning £4 in every £5 spent on childcare is now coming from the government. How does investment on this scale change the debate on childcare? What role does childcare play in changing life chances? And what would a better system look like?

By Megan Jarvie and Abby Jitendra
Poverty Journal, Issue 175 (June 2023)