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Katherine M. Renoir (1882-1963), was a British author who also wrote as Moray Dalton. She was born in London. Her serial detective was Inspector Hugh Collier. Her works include: Olive in Italy (1909), The Sword of Love (1920), The Kingsclere Mystery (1924), The Shadow on the Wall (1926), The Black Wings (1927), The Stretton Darknesse Mystery (1927), One by One They Disappeared (1929), The Body in the Road (1931), The Night of Fear (1931), Death in the Cup (1932), The Wife of Baal (1932), The Belfry Murder (1933), The Harvest of Tares (1933), The Black Death (1934), The Edge of Doom (1934), The Belgrave Manor Crime (1935), The Mystery of the Kneeling Woman (1936), The Strange Case of Harriet Hall (1936), The Case of Alan Copeland (1937), Death in the Dark (1938), Death in the Forest (1939), The Price of Silence (1939), The Art School Murders (1943), The Longbridge Murders (1945), The Murder of Eve (1945), Death at the Villa (1946), The Condamine Case (1947), The Case of the Dark Stranger (1948), Inquest on Miriam (1949) and Death of a Spinster (1951).

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