Release 3.2
Migration to universal credit
Sub area 1
Online publications
Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook
CPAG’s definitive guide to the social security system.
Factsheets, briefings and blogs
This factsheet explains the differences between tax credits and universal credit:
CPAG briefing note for the Work and Pensions Select Committee (June 2022):
CPAG blog on managed migration (published July 2022):
Sub area 2
Here are our most recent articles from our Welfare Rights Bulletin which relate to migration to universal credit:
Early Warning System
An EWS bulletin for England and Wales (February 2022) covers some of the common pitfalls claimants face when transferring to universal credit:
The Early Warning System collates case studies and evidence to demonstrate the impact of changes in the social security system on the wellbeing of children, their families and the communities and services that support them.
To inform our work please send us your cases relating to migration onto universal credit by using these links:
Sub area 3
Tools and template letters
We have a tool which may assist you to challenge decisions relating to the conditionality and level of payment when claimants move from employment and support allowance to universal credit:
Some of our template letters deal with problems with migration.
Judicial review
CPAG has produced a number of resources for advisers dealing with missing or delayed LCW/RA elements, including two judicial review pre-action letter templates (JR35 and JR49). Our Judicial Review Project is on hand to help advisers adapt and use these templates.
Training courses
We have a training course on Universal credit - transferring from benefits and tax credits. This runs on 19 August 2022 (Scotland) online, and also on 3rd November 2022 online.
For other CPAG training courses which may include information about managed migration please see our training programme
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