Release 4.0
Survivors of domestic abuse
Sub area 1
Online publications
Financial Help for Families: What you need to know
Our clear and easily understandable guide includes a chapter for people fleeing domestic abuse:
Tip: Click on the ‘table of contents’ icon at the bottom of the PDF viewer then follow the link straight to Chapter 10.
Online tools
If you have left a property you own due to domestic abuse, check if its value can be ignored when working out your UC entitlement, and create a note for your UC journal using our tool:
If you are unsure whether you qualify for benefit because of your immigration status, use our tools (subscriber content):
Sub area 3
Templates and briefings
For a briefing for advisers on unwanted payments into a domestic abuse survivor’s bank account and for relevant judicial review pre-action protocol template letters for advisers go to:
Before using the pre-action letters, contact our Judicial Review Project to check if judicial review is the appropriate route, and for help with adapting the templates.
Early Warning System
Our EWS bulletin for England and Wales (June 2022) covers:
Our Early Warning System gathers information and evidence on how changes to the benefit system impact on the wellbeing of children and their families. To inform our work, send us details of cases by using these links:
Training courses
We run courses on benefits and domestic abuse. Here’s what’s coming up:
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