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Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook
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The handbook is available both in print and online
Here are links to key chapters of the online handbook relating to Scottish social security
Benefits for Students in Scotland Handbook
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The handbook is available both in print and online
Children’s Handbook Scotland
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The handbook is available both in print and online
Scottish Benefits
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Welfare Rights Bulletin articles
Here are the most recent Welfare Rights Bulletin articles related to Scottish social security
A Best Start in Scotland (February 2019)
Training Courses
CPAG’s experience in the welfare rights field is unrivalled. Our rights handbooks are the definitive guides for those working in advice, support and advocacy nationwide.
We have used this experience and expertise to inform and design the courses in our programme and we make sure our trainers have an equal level of expertise.
We have a range of courses on Scottish social security to suit advisers with all levels of experience. Here’s a link to what’s coming up -
In addition, try CPAG’s short, interactive learning resources you can access from your tablet, phone, laptop or PC -
Online tools
Although we don’t yet have any online tools on devolved Scottish benefits, all of our existing tools apply to claimants in Scotland -
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