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Housing costs
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Online publications
Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook
CPAG’s definitive guide to the social security system.
Here is the chapter on housing costs and universal credit:
Here are the key chapters relating to housing benefit:
Here is the chapter on additional help if you get help with housing costs within universal credit or housing benefit:
Here is the chapter on help with housing costs within other benefits:
Sub area 2
Here are the most recent articles which relate to housing costs from our Welfare Rights Bulletin:
Early warning system bulletins
Our EWS bulletin for England and Wales (December 2021) covers:
Being treated as liable to pay rent after splitting up with a partner or suffering a bereavement.
DWP and local authorities disagreeing about whether accommodation is ‘specified accommodation’ for housing benefit and the housing costs element of universal credit.
For EWS briefings and articles in Scotland:
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Training courses
We have a range of courses which cover housing costs and universal credit to suit advisers with all levels of experience.
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